Eagle Rock ShitRock

The interior scenes of the ERSR (Eagle Rock Sheet Rock) wallpapers are of a “studio” which the artist had in Los Angeles, for a project that he worked on for nearly 3 years. The “studio” was more of a sculpture or a specific contained environment in which he made sheetrock and bricks out of manure. Bouchet entitled the studio space “Giverny” after Monet’s studio, and also began producing copies of water lily paintings on commercial sheetrock. Using a number of disparate materials to create these paintings (such as toothpaste, manure, transmission fluid, paint, and plaster), Bouchet would also cut down these large paintings into smaller pieces after they were finished. “Giverny” was a project in and of itself, both a fabricated studio and an installation. The site was photographed by a fashion photographer before being destroyed. The resulting 22 interior scenes provided a visual tour of the space. The subsequent photographs were then blown up into mural-sized canvas prints (“ERSR Wallpaper”), which were then installed in a variety of locations, from private apartments, to art galleries and museums.